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Apple Learning Holy Quran Kids Educational Toy with Projector Light

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Apple Learning Holy Quran Kids Educational Toy with Projector Light
Apple Learning Holy Quran Kids Educational Toy with Projector Light
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Size (length*width*height): 18cm x 16cm x 6cm
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Apple Learning Holy Quran Kids Educational Toy

Comes with changing color Projector Light


  • Designed for children
  • Convenient to carry anywhere
  • Come attractive colors (orange / yellow / green)
  • Encourage kids to learn the basics of Holy Quran
  • Comes daily prayers, short chapters and reading in prayer
  • Foster their interest in practicing the Islamic way of life in everyday life
  • ideal gift or souvenir




  • Measurement Size: 15cm x 20cm
  • Color: green, orange & yellow
  • Battery type: AAA batteries - batteries not included
  • Additional accessory: Includes strap to loop around neck or wrist.







1. 26 DAILY DOA:

  • Dua when waking up
  • Dua before entering the toilet
  • Dua after leaving the toilet
  • Dua after wudhu
  • Dua in the morning
  • Dua for eating
  • Dua for salat Al Janazah
  • Dua when wearing clothes
  • Dua before leaving the house
  • Dua for entering masjid
  • Dua leaving the mosque
  • Dua before start
  • Dua when meet another Muslim
  • Dua visit sick people
  • Dua when sneezing
  • Dua during raining
  • Dua when using mirror
  • Dua when visiting graves
  • Doa for fasting
  • Dua before sleeping
  • Dua for evening day
  • Dua entering house
  • Dua when in trouble or difficulties


2. SHORT Surah 16:

  • Al- Fatiha
  • Al-'ādiyāti
  • Al -Qori'ah
  • Al -Takathur
  • Al-'Asr
  • Al - Israa
  • Al - Fill Quraish
  • al-Maun
  • Al - Kauthar
  • Al -Kafirun
  • an -Nasr
  • Al - Massad
  • Al- Ikhlas
  • Al- Kouser
  • An-Nas



  • Proclamation of faith confession
  • Athan
  • prayer prayer
  • Initial Takbir until salam



  • Thanks The parents Love
  • God and Love messanger
  • Ramadan Is Coming
  • The Full Mon Rose
  • The Ceed of the oneness
  • Allah Alphabet A-Z


5. LIGHTS COLORFUL (projector): Can change color and the shape of stars












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